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Learning Leg Locks BJJ

In BJJ we practice a ton of useful things, we practice things that can help people survive a fight in the streets, we teach people things that will help them survive the ring in a mixed martial arts fight, we teach things that will help them win a BJJ tournament and we teach them things that are just fun to practice while rolling around on the mat with their friends. One area in BJJ that we don’t really touch on a lot are leg jiu jitsu leg locks. It is just something that most people who study and practice BJJ never really put a ton of time into. We don’t say that this is never covered but it is not covered on the level that it should be and definitely not on the level of other aspects of BJJ that are typically taught each and every day.

Typically it is Russian grappling arts that focus a lot on leg locks and people falsely believe that that these martial arts are the only one that truly has the best leg locks in grappling. The truth is that there are a ton of leg lock type of techniques in BJJ. The problem is that it isn’t often taught a lot because the majority of BJJ training centers focus on more tournament style BJJ. Also leg locks are not something that come up each and every day and it doesn’t have a direct self-defense component to it, although it could help a person survive a fight in the real world.

When it comes to leg locks BJJ we have created a video that should bridge the gap that many people have in their understanding of the various techniques that we have been BJJ for this area of fighting. There are tons of leg lock techniques in BJJ that you can apply. If you think about it when it comes to BJJ as a theory of grappling and of fighting, there are probably hundreds of leg lock techniques that could be used because it is all about physics and fulcrums and levers. That is one of the magical things about BJJ, it is very science and theory oriented with a real world practical application. So of course there are great and brutal leg lock techniques in BJJ, you probably just have not been taught them, if you have been taught some of them, you probably have not drilled them a lot, because they are dangerous, and because the application doesn’t come up each and every day as you roll around and train. What we can tell you is that if you get good leg locks you will be able to pull these moves all on your opponents and you will be able to win and have them tap out. On the streets, you will be able to break ankles and legs and give bad guys a really horrible time. We don’t suggest that you go out trying to get into fights because avoiding a fight is the best thing but if a fight comes to you and you have to defend yourself this is one of the techniques that can help.

So check out our video on leg locks in BJJ and you’re sure to learn from the information that you will be able to use in practice, in tournaments, in mixed martial arts and in the real world in a street fight.