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Applying for a Gun Licence in the Mass Area

You can obtain a Guaranteed Mass Gun License as long as you do not have a criminal record and meet a few other requirements. Gun licenses are issued by local police departments and you should contact your police department if you have any questions about the application process.


There are two types of gun licenses issued in Massachusetts. You can apply for your Licence To Carry if you want to be able to buy, possess, transport and carry any kind of firearms. You will be able to conceal carry a handgun once you obtain your LTC. A Firearm Identification Card allows you to buy, possess and transport rifles and shotguns that do not have a large capacity. You can obtain an LTC if you are over the age of 21 and need to be over 18 to obtain a FID.

Before You Apply

You need to pass a firearm safety course before applying for your LTC or FID. These classes are typically offered at shooting ranges but you need to make sure that you take a class officially authorized by the state. Completing the class should not take more than four hours. You will learn about safety rules and will get to shoot a gun at a firing range. You will also get to ask questions about the application process.

Applying For You LTC Or FID

You can download the application form the type of gun license you want online. You will have to fill out your personal information and answer a few questions. You will also have to briefly explain why you want to obtain a gun license. You will need to list some personal references on your application as well.

Additional Requirements

Some cities and counties require residents to meet additional requirements when applying for their gun license. You should contact your local police department to find out about any additional requirement. You might need to submit your birth certificate with your application and some cities and counties require you to submit some written letters of recommendations along with your application.

Submitting Your Application

Bring the completed and signed application form to your local police department. You will also have to bring the certificate you obtained after completing the firearm safety course and might have to submit additional documents with your application. You will also have to pay an application fee. The application fee should be around $100 but this amount can vary from one city or county to another.

Renewing Your License

Your LTC or FID will remain valid for six years. You will have to apply for a renewal once the six years are up. You will not need to take the firearm safety course again and should be easily approved for a renewal as long as you are a responsible gun owner.

Follow these steps if you want to apply for a gun license in Massachusetts. Start by contacting your local police department to get more details on the requirements you have to meet in your city or county.