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Giving a Child Up For Adoption is a Big Decision

Giving a child up for adoption is a big decision, but it is one that is usually worthwhile if you are not sure that you can take care of a child yourself. Consult an Adoption Attorney for a legal advise.

If you find yourself pregnant and you don’t want to keep the child, but feel like having an abortion is not the right decision for you, then sending the child to live with a loving family makes sense. Adoption ensures that the child will get to live with someone who loves them and will care for them properly.

No adoption agency would let a parent simply ‘sign a child away’ without thinking about what they really want to do. The process takes a long time. There are hundreds of parents in every area wanting to adopt, and they are on a waiting list. Those parents have been vetted to make sure that they are in a good position both financially and mentally to take care of a child, and that they will raise the child in a responsible way. The people who want their children to be adopted are shown profiles of the parents and are then given the chance to pick the families that they think are suitable.

From a long list of potential families, it is possible to narrow adoption down to a much smaller potential group that you will have the opportunity to talk to and get to know. You can ask those parents about their life philosophies and pick ones that will give the child the kind of life you think that it is important that they have. You will go through mediated discussions with the families, and get to know them in person and over email. Then, eventually, you will have the chance to draw up a list of things that you would like to have happened during your hospital stay, and also discuss things like ongoing contact with the child.

Sometimes, giving up a child for adoption is a matter of letting the other parents take the child in, then you going on about your life – if that’s how you want things to be, then that’s OK. Some parents, however, prefer to stay in touch with the child as a friend of the family, or to get letters and photos every now and then, leaving the door open for the child to contact the birth parent when they get older. That’s OK too. It’s entirely up to you what you want to have happened, and there are parents out there that will work with you to help you get whatever it is that you want for yourself and for your child.

It is not an easy decision to give up a child for adoption, but it is one that can make a lot of sense. It is better for a child to live in a family where they are wanted and where they can be taken care of, than with a mother who struggles for whatever reason.