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Self-Focused, Byron Bay

Do you know what I’ve been daydreaming about?   A retreat.  In Byron Bay.  A gathering of like minded girls, beautiful accommodation, a gorgeous location, that great sushi I keep mentioning.  Chatter and music and relaxing with the beach close at hand. And photography.  Lots and lots of sharing and learning and capturing of those days together.

So, after months of staring out my office window and imagining, we’re doing it.   Come May we’ll be hosting Self-Focused in Byron Bay.  I’m so excited to have Hailey Bartholomew from You Can’t Be Serious and our own Fran Mackenzie from Eye Candy Workshops & Luminessence Photography, joining us as guest speakers over four days of wonderful.

As of today, we have only a couple of places remaining. If you’re interested in taking part, you’ll find details here:




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Driving late in the day and seeing a field of yellow flowers and wishing for a camera and a girl in a pretty frock close at hand.
Imagining it in frames and watching it disappear in the rear-view and frowning at the missed opportunity.
Thinking for days and going back and stopping under the “No Stopping Entire Block” sign.
Four minutes, from first to last frame.
This is Skye.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Edited with Eye Candy Actions – The Vintage Roadtrip Collection.


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Snaps from the other side.

These are snaps from America, taken on the iPhone and edited with Eye Candy and forgotten about until today.
Which also reminds me, if you’re an Instagrammer, so am I now.   After a year of being deathly afraid of it (imagining all sorts of randomness my children would upload), I’ve figured it out and am rather fond of it.   Now I’m trying to entice the rest of the World to join in..for anyone who isn’t sure..go on, do eeet!

ps Don’t forget our Eye Candy Giveaway..Details here!



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It’s a Giveaway!

I’m really excited about today’s post!  Like can’t-type-properly excited.

You may have seen at FB, we’ve been giving away a place in each of our online workshops over the last few months.  It’s always been my intention to offer photography workshops at an affordable price but to some, affordable means not at all so I genuinely love being able to give away a spot.  We’ve met the loveliest of people because of it and every single one of them has brought so much to the workshop – I feel like it’s us who gets the gift!  So, I’m now inspired to do a bigger and better giveaway.   This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone starting out or perhaps those who are just needing a little inspiration.   Of course it includes great things from Eye Candy but also some wonderful extras from businesses we know and love.   From workshops, actions, one on one mentoring, branding, a website and great editing tools..All you need, right?

The lucky winner will receive:

-  A place in any one of the Eye Candy Workshops online photography courses. Explore for beginners, Evolve for intermediate to advanced photographers or Enhance, a full post processing only workshop, will offer four weeks of inspiration, learning & creativity.
-  The Eye Candy Actions Duo Set: The BeautyFull Set and The Vintage Roadtrip Collection including 100 delightful actions for Photoshop CS.
-  A full photography portfolio critique from me!  Advice about image selection, photography tips, website layout and more!
-  Two hours online Photoshop CS mentoring with Fran Mackenzie..Eye Candy’s resident editing guru.
-  A fantastic Blu Domain website and full 12 months hosting.
-  A custom logo from the very talented Kim Drury at Madilu Designs.
-  Storyboard from Code & Hustle:  If you don’t already know about Storyboard, it’s a brilliant Photoshop Script that makes all that tedious storyboard & collage creation super simple and oh-so-quick.
-  Batch from Code & Hustle:  Just as the name suggest, another fantastic PS script that makes batch processing a breeze.

To enter, just like and comment at our Eye Candy Workshops Facebook page and then share this giveaway via your wall.  That’s all!   Winner will be drawn on March 9, Au time!

Good luck!
Sheye xx

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Salt Creek Beach

Orange County, CA | Jan 05 2012

“Joni Mitchell – “California””

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