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Ava’s Tea Party 2010

As some of you know, last August we started the tradition of Ava’s Tea Party.  An idea borne out of wishing and missing and a beauty-full way to honor the birthday of our Super-Princess each year.   It was all we’d hoped for, and so much more.. a small gathering in our garden with close friends and family but also an invitation extended to all of you to share in time spent cherishing those you love.  We were so touched by the effort many of you went to – all the beautiful tea parties held in Ava’s honor – but more importantly, it meant so much to imagine people stopping their usual day to day and just sharing a cuddle and a moment to really appreciate one another.

Our hope is to see Ava’s Tea Party become something huge and wonderful and celebrated World over every year.  We have so many ideas that we want to see happen but we do need help along the way.  Belle and Boo’s illustration of Ava’s Tea Party was the first step in letting our dream take flight..  And then, just a few weeks ago, I received an email from Siobhan and Vanessa at Details Details..full of wonderful ideas and a beautiful proposal to grow Ava’s Tea Party a little more this year.  Oh how my heart sang reading those words and today, as they launch The Beauty Full Collection, a range of products specifically designed for this very occasion, my heart soars.  Such an incredible amount of work has gone into this project and much of what you’ll see has been so generously donated by wonderful well known designers.  Additionally, the majority of the proceeds from these sales will then be donated by Details Details to Paradise Kids.    To everyone involved in this project,  for the talent donated and time spent,  we are so very grateful.  Thank you.  We’d love it if you could take a moment to see what’s been so lovingly created and to perhaps give some thought to hosting your own tea party around August 22nd this year.  Simple or grande, for two or twenty.  Store-bought or home made and anywhere you wish.

In preparation for Ava’s Tea Party this year, we’ve also launched a dedicated website and Facebook page, which we’d love you to join and spread the word.  I’ve begun adding photos from 2009 Tea Parties to the galleries at both, of course if anyone does not wish to have theirs included please just let me know.  If you do take photos this year, please upload them in the 2010 album there – it means so much for us to see them!   If you’d like to go in the draw for an Ava’s Tea Party A4 print, please join the FB page and invite others to do the same..and of course leave a comment here to let me know you’ve done so!  Thankyou!!

I’ll take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to anyone who believes their product or skills would compliment Ava’s Tea Party..to those who sell handmade wares, to suppliers of pretty things, to anyone really who is passionate about being involved in something special..please send us a note! If you have your own ideas about how you could contribute to Ava’s Tea Party, we would love to hear them.  (While some elements of Ava’s Tea Party includes fund-raising and donation, this is not expected from those who participate).  It doesn’t need to be for this year but we would certainly love the chance to plan for 2011 with anyone interested!

Thank you again to all who’ve contributed thus far and to every single one of you who has helped us realize our dreams for Ava’s Tea Party :)  As always, seeing Ava’s memory included in beautiful ways means so very much to our whole family but this project has a very special place in our hearts..We do hope you will join us.


Ava’s Tea Party Kit from Details Details | Image: Luminessence

50 shared sentiments

  1. jamie says:

    this is all just. so. beautiful.
    so glad i have ava’s tea party print, hanging front and center on my wall to inspire ideas for a fitting celebration, of your most gorgeous superprincess. xx

  2. Annie says:

    awww Sheye thats just absolutely perfect and so inspiring! I shall get the tea cups out, bring the kettle to boil, eat a cup cake or two and sit and think about holding and hugging my boys xxxx much love to you all xxx

  3. Suzey says:

    Ohhhhh thats beautiful so pink i love it!! *0*

  4. Hayley : ) xoxoxo says:

    Beautiful Sheye! Look forward to celebrating Ava’s special day with so many who love both her and you. Much much love and many hugs from me to you xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Oh Sheye! These are divine. I am already in the planning stages and these amazing designers have given me so much inspiration:) My, how you have changed the world darling Ava xxx

  6. Carissa says:

    Aww how exciting, what a lovely idea. So many pretty things!
    I have just become a fan on the facebook page and sent invites to all my friends.
    I can’t wait to honour your super-princess on such a magical day :)
    Love & hugs xoxo

  7. Emily says:

    so very beauty full, sweet sheye! i look forward to celebrating, as we did last year. my heart is with you and i will forever be in awe of the beauty you and your super princess have brought to so many all over the world. hugs…

  8. rachel says:

    Of course I will join the page and tell all my friends…more importantly, I will stop to remember your girl.

  9. Louise says:

    Oh what an elegant way to honour your beauty-full girl! I spoke about the tea party on my FB page (to spread the word), and we will definitely be having a tea party in our house xxx

  10. Lea says:

    Oh honey, it looks wonderful.
    I’m in, of course

  11. Janina Lear says:

    That is just divine.
    I am so very touched by yours story.
    What a beauty full way to celebrate Avas life.
    I have invited everyone I know on Facebook.

  12. Jeana Cosentino says:

    Gladly joined the FB page.. my family and I will be celebrating with you and the world this August for the Super-princess’s bday. Love to you and your family. xoxo.

  13. rowe timson says:

    oh sheye… it is such a lovely idea! we loved having a little tea party in avas honour last year and im looking forward to putting more thought into it this year and inviting some special friends. i suggested the FB page to 60 girlfriends with children cause id love for more people to know about ava and be touched by your words and beautiful images. hugs to you, rowe xxx

  14. wouldn’t miss it for the world!!

  15. julie l says:

    i joined and will think of you an your family on your day…this story has really touched me. it takes a beautiful person to turn a personal tragedy into something beautiful.

  16. Toni says:

    I thought I felt a tea party coming on ( :

  17. Rach says:

    Oh. my. goodness! So Beauty-full! What a fabulous party for Ava’s birthday. What a wonderful tradition you have begun. :o)

  18. Amy M. says:

    How wonderful — so lovely!! I loved the photos from last year everyone sent in. I’m having our baby girl in August and think having a tea party to celebrate her arrival and remembering Super-princess Ava would be appropriate. Your shared experiences, stories, blog, and photography class have meant so much to me and has been an inspiration in my life in so many ways. Thank you Sheye. It’s easy to see where Ava got her Super-princess powers. ;)

  19. mandy says:

    Sheye I love all the new invitations, just beautiful, mandy x

  20. Dana says:

    How beauty-full! It makes my heart swell with emotion!! What a super party for a super princess! What a lovely mum you are!

  21. With my daughter Amaya’s birthday being August 21st I can’t help but think of another little girl a world away that should be celebrating too. We will celebrate for two as we do every year!! Now if only I could get my tomboy daughter to want a pink princess tea party for her theme!!! Facebook page joined.

  22. Sherri P eh says:

    Sheye, this is fabulous! I was just checking last week to make sure we had this year’s tea party on the calendar. We’re not sure yet where we’ll be on that special day — either the U.S. or Canada — but wherever we are, there will be tea and pinkness! XO

  23. tara pollard pakosta says:

    gorgeous sheye!
    I love the kit!
    We are going to throw a tea party in your Ava’s honor.
    She has greatly impacted our lives!


  24. Nichole says:

    I love this! My family did this last year and we plan on doing it again this year!!

  25. shan says:

    we did this last year and are doing it again in 2010… i’ve let everyone know about your FB page too… we’re so grateful to ava and your family for reminding us that life is precious and we need to stop and remember this x

  26. So fabulous! I {LOVE} it and all those details are truly incredible!!! You are an amazing person so full of beauty yourself and cared about by so many around the world. Thanks for sharing Ava with us – my girl will be excited for a tea party in Ava’s honor! =)

  27. Kelly W says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous and we will be having a little tea party that morning with our 3 girls and boy. That day is also the day my gorgeous little boy turns 2 so cuddles will be abundant in this house. Thank you so much for sharing your little Super Princess Ava with us all and we will enjoy drinking our cuppa, eating little pink cupcakes and sharing lots of cuddles and giggles on this day. xox
    P.S – FB page joined and others invited as well – Thanks.

  28. Mellie Price says:

    I discovered your blog back in March when Tara posted about you. I learned about your sweet Ava. I went back and read all your posts. Our first child, a little girl, was just 3 months old at the time and your words moved me. I’ve wanted to reach out to you so badly these past months. But what could I say? The words don’t exist. But with this post I have something I can say. It is no coincidence that my daughter Scarlett’s first birthday party on September 4th is a tea party. I’m going all out with handmade invites and sweet details. People have told me she won’t remember it and shake their head at my over planning. That’s when I think of Ava. If I’m lucky, I get 18 of these parties. I plan to cherish every one and make each one magical and beauty full. Wishing love and light to your family.

  29. Shelly says:

    Sheye-I have spread the word on FB, and invited all I can:) Thankyou for letting us share this specail occession for you Super Princess:) I know I am a little behind schedule,but I am in the process of making another album for your family, and was thinking of a special one to mark Ava’s tea party too. Hope that is okay. You are such an inspiration , love to your gorgeous family xoxox

  30. Leanne Ambrogio says:

    Hi Sheye – I have just found you and your beautiful family via the other wonderful girls out their that are spreading the word about Ava’s tea party. I felt I had to say Hi and send you my love. I have been going back over your posts from previous years to read a little more – I too had a beautiful little girl in 2003 who is with your Ava in heaven – our circumstances were entirely different but the loss of any child is so devastating and life changing. It turns out that we will be celebrating here at our house on the weekend of Ava’s birthday as it will be my second born daughters birthday that weekend. After the loss of our Laura I have made a point of celebrating as many occasions as I can with my girls and taking as many photos as I can – by reading your words here today it has not only made me cry but made me smile to realize that I am making wonderful memories so that I can never say “I wish I had” – I will no longer worry about those who think I put too much effort into my girls birthday parties – something I have always know but something you have re-reminded me of today. Sending much love your way and may Ava’s special day be filled with happy memories. Leanne xx

  31. Michelle says:

    I was so happy when i saw this because my family have been begging me to organize another tea party soo when i saw this i was so happy.. I have a new motive for bringing my whole family together for our annual tea party.

  32. Tanya says:

    Such a lovely idea x

  33. Lear says:

    love everything x (off To check out FB page – I’m sure it’s just a beauty-full)

  34. Erin says:

    Amazingly beautiful little soul still making the world a prettier place.
    FB like (LOVE!) :)

  35. Vanessa and Kara xxxx says:

    Kara and I cannot wait to have our tea party with her friends. She speaks about Ava so much Sheye ~ your girl is missed beyond words.


  36. Erin D says:

    Joined the FB page – my daughter and I can’t wait! I think of Ava’s story often, and give my little girl extra hugs, kisses, love and patience as a result. Ava truly has made a beautiful mark on this world. Thanks for inviting us all to Ava’s tea party!

  37. Debbie L says:

    I have been really moved by your story which was shown to me by a friend. I have joined your fb page and also passed it on to all I know. My heart aches at what you have gone through and as a mum to two girls (7 & 9 yrs)it is my worst mightmare. You have shown such strength to be doing what you do. My girls and I will be having a tea party on the 22 Aug in Ava’s memory, complete with Lamington cup cakes in pink papers and something pink to drink. We will think of her and look up to the sky and wish her peace and smile. I have my own reason’s too…..to cherish what I am still so lucky to have. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou xxx

  38. with sadness and joy = that bittersweet pill – annie and i will celebrate darling ava. xo

  39. patty says:

    blown away by your strength & taking your worst nightmare and making something good come of it…
    it is an honor to have found “you & ava”…very inspiring, makes me stop & be grateful for my 3 healthy kids. for this, i thank you.
    my daughter is 7, & we have never had a beauty FULL tea party…we will now because of you & your super princess…

    thank you…

  40. Jodi says:

    It is so heart warming to see this lovely idea taking shape and gathering strength and energy…and that all comes from love. Very super special.

  41. Miranda says:

    Perfect for the SuperPrincess…..I’m in :)

  42. jody ferlaak says:

    Today marks 9 years since I wept and pinky-promised to love my little Teagan for the very last time. My heart knows that you understand how that feels and you too are finding ways to remember and to even bring beauty out of the empty hole left in your hearts.
    I hope to have a tea party wity my kids (and likely a new baby by then too!) on Ava’s birthday this year. I wish you all the best as the memories flood back to you especially so leading up to this day. The wishing her back will never end, but neither will the ways she continues to touch lives through her beauty and charm.
    Much love to all your family as this grows into something as super as your Super Princess Ava… xoxo.

  43. I am going to plan the most wonderful tea party for the girls that I know.
    I invited all of my friends to the facebook page! I hope they will join!

  44. Jules says:

    Sheye, this is simply wonderful.

  45. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous – and just right. I’ll have a tea party with my little girl this year, hold her and remember your Ava.

  46. Blythe says:

    I joined the FB page. We’ll have a tea party for Ava this year too. Last year we did balloons and cupcakes.

  47. Mandi says:

    Sheye, joined your facebook page and shared it with all my friends, what a gorgeous princess Ava was and what a lovely way to keep her memory alive… looking forward to a beautyfull pink party for my little girl this year and now also an August tea party with Ava in our thoughts xx <3<3 Sending lots of love your way! :)

  48. Natasha says:

    Sheye and family, you are inspirational. I happened across Ava’s story on babysgotsyle yesterday and it has moved me. I told my two girls, Mieli and Layla this afternoon about Your super princess, Ava, and showed them how to use the horn in the car. We sat in the garage beeping away! Thank you for sharing your story. I am looking forward to Ava’s tea party with my girls and son, Luca, next weekend. Joined your fb site too. Lots of love xo

  49. Melissa says:

    HI Sheye,
    We cellebrated our Tea Party a little early this year, the girls wore their special dresses & I let them wear my jewellery which they thought was fab. Mason wore a tuxedo vest. It was so beautiful & when I asked Madalyn if she enjoyed it she said “It would have been better if Ava was here too” I told her I felt the same way. Thank you, Thank you Sheye for bringing that day of beauty into our lives that may not have happened otherwise.
    I have invited all my friends with children to join your page so that they too can be inspired. xxx Melissa

  50. Lisa says:

    beautiful little princess still touching everyone’s hearts, xxx lisa

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