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Ava’s Tea Party 2010

As some of you know, last August we started the tradition of Ava’s Tea Party.  An idea borne out of wishing and missing and a beauty-full way to honor the birthday of our Super-Princess each year.   It was all we’d hoped for, and so much more.. a small gathering in our garden with close friends and family but also an invitation extended to all of you to share in time spent cherishing those you love.  We were so touched by the effort many of you went to – all the beautiful tea parties held in Ava’s honor – but more importantly, it meant so much to imagine people stopping their usual day to day and just sharing a cuddle and a moment to really appreciate one another.

Our hope is to see Ava’s Tea Party become something huge and wonderful and celebrated World over every year.  We have so many ideas that we want to see happen but we do need help along the way.  Belle and Boo’s illustration of Ava’s Tea Party was the first step in letting our dream take flight..  And then, just a few weeks ago, I received an email from Siobhan and Vanessa at Details Details..full of wonderful ideas and a beautiful proposal to grow Ava’s Tea Party a little more this year.  Oh how my heart sang reading those words and today, as they launch The Beauty Full Collection, a range of products specifically designed for this very occasion, my heart soars.  Such an incredible amount of work has gone into this project and much of what you’ll see has been so generously donated by wonderful well known designers.  Additionally, the majority of the proceeds from these sales will then be donated by Details Details to Paradise Kids.    To everyone involved in this project,  for the talent donated and time spent,  we are so very grateful.  Thank you.  We’d love it if you could take a moment to see what’s been so lovingly created and to perhaps give some thought to hosting your own tea party around August 22nd this year.  Simple or grande, for two or twenty.  Store-bought or home made and anywhere you wish.

In preparation for Ava’s Tea Party this year, we’ve also launched a dedicated website and Facebook page, which we’d love you to join and spread the word.  I’ve begun adding photos from 2009 Tea Parties to the galleries at both, of course if anyone does not wish to have theirs included please just let me know.  If you do take photos this year, please upload them in the 2010 album there – it means so much for us to see them!   If you’d like to go in the draw for an Ava’s Tea Party A4 print, please join the FB page and invite others to do the same..and of course leave a comment here to let me know you’ve done so!  Thankyou!!

I’ll take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to anyone who believes their product or skills would compliment Ava’s Tea Party..to those who sell handmade wares, to suppliers of pretty things, to anyone really who is passionate about being involved in something special..please send us a note! If you have your own ideas about how you could contribute to Ava’s Tea Party, we would love to hear them.  (While some elements of Ava’s Tea Party includes fund-raising and donation, this is not expected from those who participate).  It doesn’t need to be for this year but we would certainly love the chance to plan for 2011 with anyone interested!

Thank you again to all who’ve contributed thus far and to every single one of you who has helped us realize our dreams for Ava’s Tea Party :)  As always, seeing Ava’s memory included in beautiful ways means so very much to our whole family but this project has a very special place in our hearts..We do hope you will join us.


Ava’s Tea Party Kit from Details Details | Image: Luminessence

51 shared sentiments

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