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Giving-ness {The Me I Want To Be}

In my new Universe, I’ve met some amazing people who truly do give.  In so many ways..in person and via the written word, in thoughts and acts, big and small.  From a personal perspective and a professional one.  Just this week,  I’ve seen the most selfless of selves, handing out their knowledge and passion and enthusiasm so plentifully.  With unfaltering support and pure intentions.  No expectations of a return, generous simply because they don’t know how else to be.  And while I was noticing the selflessness, I was also noticing the happiness that seemed to radiate too.

And then, because people are not made perfect,  I’ve sometimes glimpsed the opposite of that.   Random acts of unkindness and selfishness that come from a place of fear.   Reactions to events that were never intended to be hurtful or harmful.  Poor assumptions.  An inability to remember that we are all just making. our. own. way. there.  As we should.  As we are entitled to. Don’t we all dream as children of becoming something special?  Of making our parents proud? Don’t we all grow up and wake up each day with the hope that we will become what we long for, either through hard work or luck or a portion of both?  Isn’t it okay to want to be just a little bit amazing?  Even if it means the fragile, hopeful person next door is sometimes amazing too?  We all yearn to reach our full potential yet it’s easy to just become lost in worry that someone else might just do it first.   Or better.

There are opportunities every day of our lives to either be giving, or be resentful.  To open our hearts and freely give without expectation and to be amazed at just what comes back.  Or to expend so much energy in trying to hold tightly what we see as ours and ours alone that we’re completely consumed by fear, missing out on the chance of so much beauty and thankfulness in return.

I know I always try to teach with this approach but I want it to be more than that.  I aspire to live with giving.  Whether it be knowledge or support or concern, or whatever else it might be, I am striving to give with a whole heart.   Every. Single. Day.  To live by the idea that something cannot be taken if you give it away.   And if I do happen to slip, as I no doubt will, I’ll forgive my human-ness and try better next time.   I will give myself leeway.

To those who I’ve shared beautiful conversations with this week regarding this very thing, thank you.  To Fran, for giving me the “pretty” in the picture (and so much else), thank you.  To Ava,  for always providing the inspiration to be the me I want to be (and the you I think you would have been)..my darling, thank you.


64 shared sentiments

  1. Belinda says:

    Thank you for sharing! Sometimes I wonder if I’m alone in this feel good world I like to live in. To freely give feels so wonderful and well free xxx

  2. Liza says:

    Heya Sheye….WOW! Truer words were never spoken. Your last sentence just blew me away. Thank you for sharing x

  3. Christina says:

    Thank You Sheye. I love how you write from the heart and are able to touch mine. Have a beautiful day.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Sheye
    I met you last week at a photography workshop and in such a short meeting, you have inspired me beyond words.
    Thank you for coming along and giving your ‘knowledge and passion and enthusiasm’ to a group of beginner photographers.
    and thank you for allowing me to stay behind and have one of those ‘beautiful conversations’ with you

  5. Lynne Kemp says:

    Hi Sheye:
    I think Buddha would agree with you on this one. Fear drives so many people to do unkind things…the more we “let go”, the better for us, all around.

  6. Anne Bente says:

    Sheye. Your reflection have been, and still are, such an inspiration to me. I’ve told you before, and do it again. You’ve given me more, than I can ever pay you back….
    Hope you’re doing fine down there:) The wheels are rolling as usual on this part, the kids are growing, and Elisabeth is such a funny person having in house:)

  7. Samantha says:

    Your words have touched my heart, I just recently found your blog and it is lovely. Several months back I had a situation transpire in my life within the business world and your words illustrated it so well. There is still a wound in my heart from what happened to me, but I find it so comforting to have read this today, thank you for sharing.

  8. laureen says:

    “I aspire to live with giving.”

    Sheye…those words are so beautiful. Simple, but SO powerful! Great post, thank you…


  9. Diane Herman says:

    sheye…your words give me hope and strength every time i read them…
    thank you :)

  10. mary kaye says:

    you inspire so much good. thank you.

  11. rr says:

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  12. Jen Finch says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring.

  13. V. says:

    You are an inspiration. Beautiful words.

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