A Better Alternative to Painting Your Walls

If you live in rented accommodation then you are likely not going to be able to paint the walls like textured Wall Covering.  This can be a problem for many people as they are confronted with jarring colors or bad paint jobs every day.  However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel because there are a number of alternatives you can use instead.

Temporary Wallpaper
Temporary wallpaper is an ideal solution and you can easily find it in a range of designs and textures.  With this wallpaper you will be adhering it to the wall without any paste so it can easily come off.  This wallpaper can be easily peeled off the wall when it is time to move or if you want to change it.  It is recommended that you first get a sample of the wallpaper before you commit so you can check that it does come off the wall correctly.

Create A Wall Design With Masking Tape
This option is ideal for people who are a bit creative and have some time on their hands.  Masking tape will easily come off the wall when it is time to move and now comes in a range of colors.  You can easily find some decorative masking tape to use on your design.  One of the major benefits of this alternative is that you can create any design that you want and do not have to limit yourself to what the stores keep.

Use A Wall Decal
Wall decals have increased in popularity over the years and it is not hard to see why.  The decals are fairly cheap and they come off the walls very easily.  They work in a similar manner to temporary wallpaper, but they are much smaller in size and come in a range of different images.  It is easy to compare a wall decal to a very large sticker that will break up the monotony of the wall.

Use Some Tile Transfers
If you have a tiled wall that you are looking to change up then you could get some tile transfers.  Tile transfers are easy to use as you simply stick them onto the tiles that you want to decorate.  If you own your home this will also save you money as you will not have to retile the entire room.  The only problem you may find with tile transfers is that they are not that easy to remove, but they can come off with a little work.

Fabric And Tapestries
If you do not want to attach anything to the wall that may not come off easily then you should look at hanging some up instead.  If you do not have nails you can use stick on hooks instead.  Stretched fabric and tapestries can be considered instead of pictures if you want to do something different.  The one problem with this alternative is that it will be a bit more expensive unless you are able to cheaply get some good quality fabric.  Completed tapestries are also expensive, but you could try finding a cheap kit to make one yourself.